sons and daughters will be trafficked tonight:

bought, sold, abused, and enslaved.

we’re on a mission to find and free them.

the exodus road

There are 45 million slaves in the world today. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. Here’s how we’re fighting human trafficking.

here’s how we fight human trafficking



We educate thousands through targeted campaigns, both online and at public and private events, and train national leaders. Traffickwatch and Online Abolitionists are the main programs.



Intervention is our main focus. Working with local police partners, we provide investigative resources and technology for rescue missions and the arrests of traffickers. We also equip national leaders for sustainable impact.


Survivor Care

We provide support services to survivors with qualified partners. We also employ local social workers to advocate for survivors during and following raids.

Awareness is the first step

Sex trafficking happens every day, all over the world. It affects individuals of every age, ethnicity, and socio-economic background. Gaining a solid understanding of what trafficking is, what it looks like, and the signs to look for—both in victims and perpetrators— can help you stay safe and give you the capacity to help those around you.

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03A free gift for you

The inspiring, award-winning story of how The Exodus Road began. A husband, a wife, and the gritty journey into undercover work.


A free digital experience that helps you understand the realities of human trafficking.

Search + Rescue

Our investigative teams find those trapped in slavery. You can join their rescue work today.

Your Impact

Learn more about your impact in the fight against human trafficking.


Rescue is the first step to true freedom. Meet real survivors and learn how we’re helping them.


Justice is in the hands of ordinary people just like you. This is your invitation to take action.

survivor stories

Rescue is the first step to true freedom. Read about real survivors and learn how we’re helping them.


Watch inspirational stories, rescue footage, and behind-the-scenes interviews. Learn about human trafficking and get to know us better.

You’re sending us to the front lines

These are people doing what no one else will do, and we have to support that. These people are out there putting their lives on the line, and we have to tell their stories and support that.

Vickie Reddy, Producer, The Justice Conference