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$40 can gather 2X the intel on traffickers.

$200 can provide 2X the vital anti-trafficking gear.

$500 can train 2 communities to spot trafficking.

And $1,000 could free not 1, but 2 kids from child trafficking!


We are a global organization strategically fighting human trafficking by working with police to gather evidence, facilitate rescue missions, and empower aftercare for survivors. We also offer trainings and technology to equip others in the work on the front lines. Founded in 2011, our trained operatives are ordinary heroes with a proven track record of over 1,375 rescues and 688 trafficker arrests.


We raise awareness for the realities of human trafficking and offer trainings to help keep communities safer.

We work with local police and trained nationals to rescue victims of trafficking and arrest their traffickers.

We empower local social workers and private aftercare shelters that specialize in caring for human trafficking victims.


Justice is in the hands of ordinary people just like you.

The ‘Until All Are Free’ podcast educates through compelling conversations, powerful storytelling, and first-hand interviews with the ordinary individuals who bring extraordinary rescue to victims of human trafficking.

Attend a local event, pledge your birthday for rescue, and use your voice to advocate for freedom. We believe that justice is in the hands of the ordinary, and that everyone individual has a role to play in bringing freedom.

When you join the Search + Rescue program with a monthly gift, 100% of contributions made stay with Search + Rescue to be used for investigation and rescue work on the front lines. Our teams are comprised of trained operatives and social workers who gather evidence and facilitate rescue missions with local police.


Stories of the noble, gritty work of our trained operatives.

Our operatives fight human trafficking by going into the darkest corners of our world to gather evidence of human trafficking. They then work with local police to facilitate rescue missions. Here are their stories.

When you join the Search + Rescue program, 100% of contributions made stay with Search & Rescue to be used for investigation and rescue work on the front lines.


Uncover the truths of this crime’s hidden nature.

Sex trafficking happens every day, all over the world, and affects individuals of every age, ethnicity, and socio-economic background. Since awareness is a vital first step to fighting human trafficking effectively—in a foreign country or your own community—we’ve created this comprehensive guide.

*A note on matching funds. While funds last, your donations through our website will be doubled. This includes your first monthly donation and up to $1,000 of your one-time donation. The campaign thermometer is updated periodically throughout the day. The Exodus Road reserves the right to use the funds for the greatest need.