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50+ Gifts, Businesses, and Brands that Fight Human Trafficking

By May 7, 2020August 10th, 2023No Comments

Young artisan weaver in colorful clothing

Are you looking for businesses that support human trafficking survivors or brands that fight human trafficking? Look no further!

One of the greatest obstacles survivors of human trafficking face is acquiring the necessary job training and opportunities to support themselves financially after being rescued. This is especially true for women battling societal and cultural customs that promote gender inequality. Survivors are at risk of being re-victimized through trafficking in the event that they can find no other means of supporting themselves or their children.

Fortunately, there are many businesses that support survivors of human trafficking, helping them reintegrate into society after being rescued. Many of these businesses focus specifically on hiring survivors or those who are at high risk of being trafficked. Other businesses donate their proceeds to programs that support survivors. Some do both! In ensuring that survivors have a chance to make a living, these companies help break the cycle of poverty and prevent further victimization and human trafficking from occurring.

Our Part to Play: Everyone Can Support Survivors of Human Trafficking

As an organization committed to finding and freeing victims of human trafficking, we at The Exodus Road know that rescue is the crucial first step in a survivor’s journey. As a community, we are passionate about supporting survivors in each phase of their journey, in any way that we can. With that in mind, we are taking the opportunity to highlight some of these admirable companies and the products they sell.

Now, more than ever, survivors of human trafficking and those at risk of being trafficked need our support to sustain the paths of independence they have worked so hard to pave.

There is a simple and effective way you can support survivors and those who are at risk right from the comfort of your home! By being intentional about where and how you shop, you can provide an equitable source of work for survivors and help fight modern slavery.

Compiled below is a list of 50+ companies directly supporting those who are at risk of being trafficked and those who have been rescued. These businesses offer hand-made products with fair trade practices. Many of them employ survivors of trafficking, providing job skills, training, and fair pay—a chance for a new life. Each organization is worth checking out and generously supporting for a free(er) world.

Elegantees Woman in Dress, representing brands that fight human trafficking with their business

Apparel and More


From beautiful dresses to casual tees, Elegantees is a stylish line of apparel for both men and women. Each purchase supports the employment of survivors from the sex trafficking industry and those at risk of human trafficking in Nepal. Elegantees also donates excess profits to organizations that fight human trafficking.


This business provides local employment to individuals in Nepal at risk of human trafficking. Their products include a one-of-a-kind variety of jewelry, apparel, bags, and accessories.


Check out Sudara’s fun and cozy selection of Punjammies, a pajama line for men, women, and children, and don’t miss their beautiful handmade leather accessories. Every purchase provides employment and job skills training to women in India who are at high risk for or have survived human trafficking.

Mata Traders Earrings and Necklace, showing products from brands that fight human trafficking

Mata Traders

Shop the exquisite collection of jewelry, apparel, and accessories to support the work of hundreds of women artisans from India and Nepal to help prevent human trafficking.

Nightlight Design

An elegant selection of jewelry, tote bags, and apparel providing employment opportunities to women who have escaped the sex industry in Thailand.

Freeset USA

Primarily apparel for men and women, Freeset USA supports job training and employment opportunities for those at risk of exploitation in India, Nepal, and the United States.

Noonday Collection Earrings

Jewelry and Accessories

Noonday Collection

The mission of Noonday is to create dignified jobs for people living in vulnerable places who are often at risk for human trafficking. This certified Fair Trade company and B Corporation collaborates with artisans on design, provides microloans, and supports school programs, all while creating a marketplace for gorgeous jewelry and handbags.

Yobel Market

The mission of Yobel is “to empower and promote the value of exploited, displaced, and impoverished people groups of the world through the development of sustainable economic opportunities.” They utilize fair trade principles while partnering with organizations committed to ethical and sustainable production processes to offer on-trend jewelry and accessories from artisans around the world.

International Sanctuary (Purpose Jewelry)

Their beautiful selection of bracelets, earrings, and other jewelry is comparable to any mainstream style line. All products are made by survivors of human trafficking.

Beza Threads

This company primarily sells high-quality leather goods, including bags, totes, wallets, clutches. Beza Threads fights human trafficking by providing job training opportunities to survivors and selling their handmade products.

Trades of Hope

This is a great selection of unique and highly stylish jewelry, accessories, and a few other items. Trades of Hope is committed to providing equitable opportunities for women across several countries, allowing families to stay together and helping prevent human trafficking.

Malia Designs

A company fighting human trafficking in Southeast Asia through selling handmade bags, wallets, and other accessories.


A beautiful and inspiring collection of jewelry handmade by rescued women. This unique company allows their workers space to heal and find restoration, paying them a full day’s worth of wages while they only work part-time.

Starfish Project

The variety of jewelry sold at this company provides employment opportunities, vocational training, and other forms of support to survivors of exploitation in Asia.

Designed for Joy

This company provides hope to women at high risk of human trafficking or other vulnerable scenarios by selling their handmade products, which include jewelry, bags, and accessories.


Rethreaded currently impacts 4,000 women through their partnerships and sales that directly support survivors of human trafficking. Their products include jewelry, bags, blankets, home decor items, and more.

Continue Good "Be a Light" candles on a table, representing home decor brands that fight human trafficking

Home Decor and More

Continue Good

This hand-poured soy candle company is owned and operated by husband and wife duo Calvin and Mollie Beck. Continue Good’s “Be a Light” candle series encourages customers to spread kindness in their community, and The Enneagram Candles are designed to support the people in your life with affirmation in personal growth. Ten percent of all sales go to The Exodus Road to fight human trafficking.

Ten Thousand Villages

With a variety of compelling handmade products including baskets, jewelry, home decor, stationery, and more, this company employs disadvantaged people in developing countries, providing a sustainable living wage to those who would otherwise be at risk of human trafficking.

Thistle Farms
This company provides shelter, job skills training, and employment opportunities to support survivors of human trafficking by selling candles, essential oils, apparel, jewelry, and home decor made by these women artisans.


Thistle Farms Soothing Body Balm

The Little Market

A nonprofit organization supporting the work of human trafficking survivors through ethically sourced materials and fair trade practices. They offer a classy selection of home and dining products and a variety of additional items, including jewelry and children’s toys.

Sari Bari

This company sells a rich blend of products, from blankets and pillows to baby products, table placements, and bags of all sizes. Sari Bari equips survivors of trafficking in India with essential job training skills, employment opportunities, and benefits.

Good Paper

Cards are sold for every occasion, beautifully crafted by women who have survived sex trafficking in the Philippines and those in Rwanda who are have been disadvantaged by disease. You can order online, or find their products at a number of local stores (such as Whole Foods).


Espresso and coffee beans on a wooden background, representing coffee, tea, and chocolate brands that fight human trafficking

Chocolate, Tea, Coffee, and Food

Copperfox Coffee Roasters

This boutique coffee company specializes in small batch roasting to ensure quality roasted coffee. Copperfox Coffee Roasters started with a dream to help others around the world. Currently, their business donates a portion of sales to The Exodus Road to help fund the fight against human trafficking.

Grounds for Restoration

With a vision for fighting injustice, Grounds for Restoration donates 100% of their proceeds to anti-human trafficking causes. Shop online to ship your next supply of whole bean or ground coffee right to your home.

The Freedom Cafe

This café primarily serves tea, which you can order online, but they also sell mugs and brands of ethically sourced chocolates. All proceeds are donated toward anti-human trafficking efforts.

Truffle Pig Chocolate

This direct trade company offers a selection of ethically sourced chocolates online. Their farmers are paid fair wages above standard market rates, helping prevent labor trafficking for those who are at risk.

Divine Chocolate

A farmer-owned coffee company, offering equitable opportunities for women in this industry. Their ethical and innovative business practices help prevent human trafficking.

Dignity Coconuts

Dignity Coconuts is a coconut oil company that has empowered the vulnerable in the Philippines for over ten years. Their sustainability-focused products include high-quality coconut oil and lip balms.

Mercy House Global Subscription Box

Subscription Boxes: Give Back Monthly

Mercy House Global Curated Box

Mercy House Global is a faith-based organization that empowers young girls, families, and artisans who are especially at risk and vulnerable. For their gift shop and curated boxes, they work with women around the world through partnerships and sustainable Fair Trade product development. Every purchase in this Fair Trade online marketplace provides dignified work while also sustaining two maternity homes for young women in Kenya.

Arise Box

Along with your monthly subscription of engaging products each month, Arise sends care packages to support survivors of human trafficking in the United States.


This monthly package contains products that support nonprofits who are fighting against injustice, one of those causes being human trafficking. The stories behind the products you receive are included each month.

Check out these other amazing companies that fight human trafficking:

Crowned Free | To The Market | Sak Saum | The Shop for Freedom | The Sparrow Studio | Viva! Cacao | A 2nd Cup | Sevenly | WorldCrafts | Ganesh Himal Trading | Eternal Threads | UNCVRD Jewelry | GlobeIn | The Skipping Stone | Adored Boutique | The Tote Project | Trace Fashion | The Brave Collection | Collective Humanity | Eleventh Candle Co. | WAR Chest Boutique | TAYO Jewelry

We truly can make a difference in the fight against human trafficking. We can invest in preventing it through education, we can intervene for those currently caught in its trap, and we can support businesses and brands that fight human trafficking.

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