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6 traffickers have been arrested. 2 women are free!

By December 27, 2021December 29th, 2022No Comments
Real image taken at scene of arrests.

A repeat offender trafficker in India has been arrested, along with 5 others. 2 survivors have been set free.

Operation Reinforce began when BRAVO team tested a contact number they had for Jay,* a trafficker whose case they worked two years ago. When they got a response, operatives knew he was active again.

Stopping Jay required earning his trust. In the course of a few months, BRAVO carefully won the trafficker over, recording every detail. Jay and five other men were trafficking women for sex for $33 each, selling them in a drab building that the average passer-by wouldn’t give a second glance.

Once operatives had collected the sobering evidence, they connected with law enforcement. It was time to act.

Jay’s establishment was raided, and all six traffickers were arrested. 

Meanwhile, a social worker spoke with two women who had been exploited and abused by Jay and his cronies. One of them was there because she had been promised a stable job. The other had been deceived by a family friend. Neither one could have guessed the misery they would be subjected to.

One of the women rallied all her courage. She gave a strong statement to police, begging them: don’t let Jay out of jail. This time, keep him there. The two survivors have been transferred to a safe home where they can begin to rebuild their lives. 

All six traffickers are facing trial. Jay is facing a harsher sentence — 10 years to life — given the Indian legal system’s low tolerance for repeat offenders. 

Because of ordinary heroes like you who support this work, 2 women are free and 6 traffickers will face justice. Thank you for giving freedom! 

*Name and some images are representative.