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A Podcast on Human Trafficking

EP 21 | No Longer Untouchable

By January 31, 2022November 15th, 2022No Comments

On this episode of Until All Are Free we are thrilled to welcome Devisara Hannah Badi and Sarah Davison-Tracy, the authors of No Longer Untouchable: A Story of Human Trafficking, Heroism, and Hope.

No Longer Untouchable brings you into the appalling reality of modern-day slavery in Nepal as Devisara Hannah Badi and her sisters tell their stories. They have each overcome unimaginable odds to survive, and today they are bravely fighting to bring freedom, hope, and love into the darkest corners of the world.

Read No Longer Untouchable

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Sarah Davison-Tracy is an impassioned human rights advocate, author, speaker, and founder of Seeds of Exchange ( and Rooted and Beloved ( Connect with Sarah on her website,

Devisara Hannah Badi is CEO of Himalayan Entrepreneur Resources (HER), an empowerment initiative in Nepal that provides health, safety, and autonomy to marginalized women so they can live free from sexual exploitation and abuse.

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