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EP 25 | Ethical Storytelling with Amber Van

By June 8, 2022August 25th, 2023No Comments

In this episode of Until All Are Free, Preston is joined by Amber Van to discuss what ethical storytelling looks like for nonprofits.

Amber Van is the Senior Marketing Director at The Exodus Road. She has an extensive background in nonprofit marketing and storytelling, having worked as Managing Editor (among other roles) with Compassion International for nearly 13 years. Amber leads the Marketing Department in the process of identifying stories from our countries of operation in order to share updates and celebrations with our community.

Preston and Amber chat about what it means to commit to ethical storytelling at The Exodus Road and why we have chosen to not use real imagery of survivors from raids in our communications. They also discuss a few specific cases and the opportunities that they presented to our team at our U.S. office. All of this and more!

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