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Trafficker in India Arrested for 2nd Time Thanks to Committed Police Officer

By January 5, 2022December 28th, 2022No Comments
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A woman who was being trafficked has been set free.

Bravo team’s successful Operation Ally began with a tip from Parth.* Parth is a police officer with whom The Exodus Road in India has been able to ally on nearly 20 cases.

Parth had reason to believe that a woman whom he had initially arrested for human trafficking in 2016 was active again. Following this lead, Bravo team discovered the details. The trafficker was operating out of a two-bedroom apartment, and in just three days, Bravo team had gathered the evidence needed.

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When law enforcement raided the apartment, they found Ekiya.* This was the second city in which Ekiya had been sold for sex. She had been trafficked through a friend’s false promises, becoming trapped in the vicious cycle of exploitation. Because of the practiced tactics of the experienced trafficker, Ekiya couldn’t see a way out.

But Parth and his police department created a way out for this survivor when they arrested the trafficker, ensuring that Ekiya would be transferred to a government aftercare shelter.

The repeat offender knew what awaited her. She immediately called a lawyer. But with her record, the trafficker was sent to jail. A severe sentence is likely.

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This operation was a success because of Parth’s steadfast commitment to fighting modern-day slavery — a commitment he shares with the operatives on Bravo team. Every step toward justice that The Exodus Road participates in is possible because of the tireless dedication of local allies like Parth.

When you support The Exodus Road, you’re supporting these relationships on the ground in countries like India. Each part of this community is vital to making freedom possible — including you. Thank you for sharing a passion for ending trafficking with heroes like Bravo team and Parth!

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*Names and images are representative.