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3 girls removed from a family member’s home where they were exploited in the Philippines

By March 29, 2023October 16th, 2023No Comments
young Filipino woman

Law enforcement in the Philippines received a tip from the Australian Federal Police: an Argentinian man they arrested was in possession of Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Materials (CSAEM) of three sisters from the Philippines. One sister was younger than 11.

They suspected that the older sister of the girls, the spouse of the arrested man, was involved in the creation of the abusive materials.

Our law enforcement partners in the Philippines reached out to The Exodus Road for support as they removed the girls from the home where they were abused. Our team provided law enforcement with logistical support for the operation, including transportation and immediate aftercare for the survivors like food and other urgent needs. The girls are now receiving care from the government as they begin their healing process.

Thank you for helping provide practical support and comfort for these girls as they move out of exploitation!