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Operation Bloom

By February 6, 2020December 29th, 2022No Comments
Operation Bloom

As a TER undercover operative entered a karaoke shop in Thailand, Malee*, a 16-year-old girl, greeted him. Little did she know that freedom would soon be hers.

With a simple payment to the trafficker, our undercover operative was able to take Malee* away from the karaoke shop. He then took her to a nearby location where local police officers, social workers, and staff from an emergency shelter were ready to help.

While our operative was helping authorities care for Malee* off-site, a different team of local police officers raided the karaoke shop and arrested the trafficker. Through further investigation, officers were able to rescue two more female survivors of sex trafficking, Nin* and Daw*, who were also trapped in abuse.

One teenage girl and two young adult women are free today; their trafficker arrested and facing justice. We know the world is spinning with lots of hard news right now, but could you take a moment to celebrate the recent success of Operation BLOOM, anyway? Freedom is still most definitely worth celebrating.

*Names and photos are representational.