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Operation Deception

By January 2, 2020December 29th, 2022No Comments
Operation Deception

Shyla’s* boyfriend convinced her to run away from home. She was convinced that he loved her, so she went.

Shyla’s boyfriend had other intentions, though. Instead of giving her love, he gave her to a trafficker. Shyla found herself trapped in a brothel in rural India, forced to service men multiple times every day.

But Shyla’s story didn’t end there. TER operatives found her during their investigations and worked with local police to conduct a mission on Shyla’s behalf. After multiple failed attempts, they finally found success.

Shyla’s nightmare was over.

Field reports described her in tears.

Her two traffickers were arrested and are in jail. Shyla is in a safe home as her next steps are being assessed. Celebrate freedom with us today!

Shyla’s true story is an example of romantic manipulation— a cruel, yet common, method of manipulating men, women, and children into human trafficking.

*Names and photos are representational.