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Operation Heart

By February 5, 2021December 29th, 2022No Comments
Operation Heart

Because of you, a young woman is free today in India!

Your national teams around the globe all believe that the rescue of even one survivor is always worth the effort. That’s the heart and ethos of The Exodus Road. With your support, we will continue to seek out the enslaved and empower freedom for survivors, one by one.

In this particular case, your Search + Rescue team in India coordinated with local police to bring freedom to Kaija*.

She is out of danger now. Kaija is at a safe home where they will assess her initial needs and help determine the next steps.

Her three traffickers, two men and one woman, have all been charged and await legal action.

Because of the expert work of the national Search + Rescue team, local police, and you, the traffickers’ criminal business of abuse has been stopped.

The Search + Rescue Team in India has been working closely with this particular police team for several years, and this completes sixteen successful missions together. That’s a testimony to the relationship of trust that has been built over time as they collaborate to bring justice and freedom.

This could not happen without your support in providing resources, training, equipment, and encouragement to keep moving forward.

Thank you for all you do to lift up our teams in this abolitionist work!

*Name and image are representational.