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A 17-year-old girl is free in Thailand, 2 women who were trafficking her arrested

By March 14, 2023September 11th, 2023No Comments
one of the traffickers from Operation Manipulate being brought into custody

One of the traffickers from Operation Manipulate being held in custody after the raid conducted by local law enforcement

Gian* was having a difficult time. Her mother was dying. Gian was trying to support herself, but opportunities to make money were limited for a teenager.

So when an older woman befriended her, seemed to care, promised her steady work, it seemed like a solution.

Gian had no way of knowing until it was too late that the work was providing sexual services to paying Western tourists.

Fortunately, one of those tourists wasn’t actually a customer: he was an undercover investigator from The Exodus Road’s highly skilled United States team, working in support of our Thai staff. The bar where Gian was working was a blatant brothel, housing multiple rooms for girls to service buyers.

The trafficker offered The Exodus Road’s investigator Gian’s services. Hearts sinking, they watched as the trafficker contacted Gian.

I’m at the hospital with my mother, Gian said. She’s dying.

Continuing to manipulate and abuse the teenager, the trafficker was adamant: I don’t care. I need you here right now. You have an American customer.

Afraid and overwhelmed, Gian came to the brothel.

But the police were waiting.

Gian was met by the loving care of The Exodus Road’s social worker and transitioned into government aftercare services. The trafficker was arrested, as was another woman who was helping to operate the brothel. Police have closed the brothel and are pursuing leads to find anyone else who may have been involved.

Our teams can meet girls like Gian with compassion on the worst nights of their lives because of your support. Thank you for being there for her!

*Name and image representative