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Operation No More

By November 6, 2020December 29th, 2022No Comments
Operation No More

Three teenage girls are FREE today because of you! And three traffickers have been stopped.

Their families farmed rice in the rural areas on the edge of a city in Thailand. They didn’t have much, but Kanda* and Kulap* had more than most.

And then COVID-19 struck their small corner of the world.

Their stability began to crumble with government health restrictions and the sudden plunge in the economy. Just enough to get by became too little, and the girls began to feel the pressure their parents were under.

As the days turned into weeks, new desperation began to creep in.

Apinya*, their friend at school, introduced them to a guy who took the three of them out for coffee to talk about a job opportunity. His name was Decha*.

In their part of the world, the job offer was something they were desensitized to: commercial sex. Somehow, this option felt like the only one available.

It was easy, he explained. He would post their availability on Facebook. They’d meet customers at a friend’s hotel. Decha would keep a cut of the money, share some with the hotel manager, but the rest they could keep.

And so the trap was laid, the bait taken. They were sold.

The work? Horrible. The customers? Old men, lonely men, violent men. Locals and foreigners.

The girls wanted to stop as soon as they started, but Decha threatened to tell their parents. They could still go to school, he said. Just do the work, or he’d make things worse for them.

And one day, a day just like any other day, they left school and headed to the hotel. Men were there waiting already, money in hand.

Hotel doors closed, and suddenly the sound of sirens pierced the air.

The girls watched as Decha was arrested with two others suspected of partnering with him.

These three teenage girls are free, and though they’ll never know it, their freedom began with you.

Thank you for stepping up to fund our Search + Rescue teams to look for girls like Kanda, Kulap, and Apinya. You provided the manpower needed to put together a strong case and empowered local police to take action. You made hope possible.

We are so grateful to you and while we celebrate another successful raid, today we also celebrate YOU and your heart for justice.

*Name, image, and some details representational