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Operation Phantom

By April 22, 2021December 29th, 2022No Comments

Friends, eleven young women are now free today in India and seventeen offenders have been arrested!

It was Police Inspector Abhay’s* first raid.

He had been carefully equipped with detailed rescue procedures by TER’s local team and he had an experienced police team to back him up.

There were three brothels under investigation. The Exodus Road national Search + Rescue team had done swift and efficient work. In just eleven days, they had put together evidence of sex trafficking within the three brothels – all within a five-mile radius of each other. It was a small epicenter of exploitation, and they would arrive quietly under cover of dark.

Police Inspector Abhay, the police, and the TER team worked together, and . . . FREEDOM! The eleven women were taken from their abuse that night and the offenders were immediately arrested.

We are grateful to our Search + Rescue supporters who believe in this process of empowering nationals to fight human trafficking from within their own countries. Inspector Abhay and his team were equipped to bring rescue and justice, and now eleven women have a chance at a different life.

*Names and images are representational.