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Human Trafficking News

A reporter’s tip led to freedom for 2 women in India and the arrest of their trafficker!

By April 13, 2023September 11th, 2023No Comments

A police department that has been a strong partner for The Exodus Road’s India team held a special appreciation event to celebrate the ways that they continue to propel freedom forward. Reporters were present to cover the event.

As law enforcement presented The Exodus Road’s India country director with a special award of distinction for his work fighting human trafficking, one of the reporters had a sudden realization: “I know of a situation like the ones they’re talking about.”

Fortunately, the journalist had the courage to step out of his role as a reporter and into the story itself. He told police and The Exodus Road about a brothel he believed might be holding women against their will. The reporter has provided coverage for this police department in the past, so they trusted him. The Exodus Road’s team immediately began work verifying the tip.

Less than three hours later, police and our investigators arrived at the brothel. They were able to recover two women who were being held there and trafficked for sex, and they arrested the woman who was running the illegal operation.

One of the survivors gave such a strong, bold testimony that conviction for the trafficker is likely — which would result in 7 to 10 years in jail and a hefty fine. Meanwhile, the survivors are receiving restorative care.

This success is proof of how quickly freedom can be achieved when people from every walk of life unite. We’re so grateful for this reporter’s decisive action!