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Operation Roadhouse

By January 18, 2021December 29th, 2022No Comments
Operation Roadhouse

Celebrate with us because you have empowered the freedom of two young women in India.

Police were suspicious of the business taking place at a hotel-based brothel. They quickly reached out to the Search + Rescue team to investigate and collect evidence of human trafficking.

In just two days, your national operatives had collected enough evidence against the traffickers and provided valuable information to the police.

Often, young women are lured into leaving their homes with offers of domestic jobs such as housekeeping. In an area that is grappling with poverty, steady work is sought after. But all too often, the job offers are merely a cover for the horrific reality that is forced sex work.

Because of your support, our national team was able to mobilize immediately, investigate the tip, and equip police with all they needed to take action.

And these brave survivors were rescued!

The young women are now beginning their healing journey at a safe house.

And the traffickers? They are in jail, awaiting their trial.

The machine of human trafficking has been slowed, trafficking in this part of India has now become more dangerous for criminals, and systemic change continues.

We can’t thank you enough for celebrating with us and standing with us in the name of freedom. We look forward to sharing more stories of rescue and lives being changed because you care.

*Names, image, and some details are representational.