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5 women and 2 girls freed, 7 traffickers arrested in one day in India!

By February 16, 2023September 11th, 2023No Comments
Indian girl smiling

Most human trafficking cases require slow investigation that can take months, even years. But in this case, freedom was won in India the same day our team found out about the exploitation.

The Exodus Road’s India team had spent a few days investigating a brothel at the request of a law enforcement partner. Despite the fact that some of the traffickers were tipped off, police persevered in raiding the location. They were able to recover one woman who had been trafficked from Bangladesh, arresting three women who had been trafficking her.

That same day, The Exodus Road’s team uncovered evidence that another brothel they’d just received a tip about was trafficking minors. Communicating urgently with law enforcement, investigators and police mobilized midafternoon to enter the brothel. Inside, they found 4 women and 2 teenage girls who were being confined to the brothel and sold for sex. 4 male traffickers were also there, and police arrested them.

Between the discovery of the survivors’ exploitation to their arrival at a government safe house, mere hours passed.

The responsiveness that freed 7 survivors and brought justice to 7 traffickers is possible because of your support. Thank you!