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2 teenage girls free from sexual exploitation in a small town in Thailand, their trafficker arrested

By February 3, 2023September 11th, 2023No Comments
young Thai woman looking out the window

A woman in this small town in Thailand had found what might have seemed like the perfect business model. She was a clothing seller, offering clothes specifically to teenage girls. This positioned her well to recruit teenagers and coerce them into offering sexual services to paying customers.

The trafficker advertised the teenage girls on Twitter, boasting about the selection she offered. That’s where The Exodus Road’s investigators found out about the operation.

Posing as buyers, investigators arranged a meeting at a hotel. The trafficker sent two teenage girls to meet them. Law enforcement was ready and waiting, immediately responding by arresting the trafficker and taking testimony from the survivors. The teenagers held each other as they shared about their experiences, consoling each other through the chaos.

When word reached city officials, they were shocked. Because it is a small town, it’s easy to believe that trafficking doesn’t happen there. This case proved that trafficking can happen anywhere — and knowing what to look for can be the first step in stopping it.

Thank you for making freedom possible for these girls!