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Operation Spotlight

By December 12, 2020December 29th, 2022No Comments
Operation Spotlight

Two young Indian women are free today!

Ela and Maira fell prey to one of the most common traps used by traffickers. Poverty and lack of opportunity made the promise of good jobs, the lure of stability, and a chance at more than mere survival seem worth any potential risks.

But your national operatives in India have been vigilant in their investigations. And they’ve been working to build a strong partnership with regional police leadership which is resulting in expeditious operations.

Within seventeen days, they collected case evidence, and equipped police partners in organizing the raid and rescue.

And they found and freed Ela and Maira!

The women were immediately taken to a safe house to begin assessing their needs.

Their five traffickers were stopped and are now in jail.

Lives are being changed, and because of our strategic approach, the business of human trafficking is now even more uncertain in this region.

Thank you for your part in making these rescues and arrests happen. Your national operative teams are highly specialized in their investigative skills, but they can only do this work if they are equipped by people like you who care.


*Names, image, & some details are representational