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Operation Sumi: 2 Bangladeshi women freed; 3 traffickers arrested.

By March 3, 2022December 28th, 2022No Comments
representative photo of Sumi

Abdur* was a known sex trafficker in Bangladesh.

He would trick vulnerable girls and young women in his home country with promises of better opportunities in India. When they arrived in India, they would be forced into sexual exploitation in a brothel.

That’s what happened to Sumi* and Jesmin.* They had been trapped in a brothel disguised as a hotel in India for 6 days when local law enforcement raided the establishment with support from The Exodus Road’s BRAVO team.

BRAVO team had been surveilling this brothel for months and had provided the necessary evidence to the police to act.

traffickers from Operation Sumi

Actual photos of the traffickers taken during the operation

During the raid, Sumi and Jesmin were scared, but they were assured that they weren’t in trouble — they were the victims of a crime. They have both been placed in a government safe home for care and protection.

Abdur and the 2 men operating the brothel have been arrested. There is a strong legal case against them. If convicted, they face sentences of a minimum of 10 years.

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*Names representative.