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Operation Triple Play

By December 10, 2020December 29th, 2022No Comments
Operation Triply Play

Celebrate with us — nine women are free today in India!

Like so many, they were lured with the promise of good jobs, only to find themselves trapped and sold in dirty brothels. With minimal education, job offers of domestic work are hard to resist when the alternative is struggling to survive.

But our national team has been conducting investigations tirelessly in India, in spite of the pandemic. They’ve also worked to form strong relationships with the police. The fruits of those relationships are showing in the quick turnaround time, with cases built and raids executed.

In this case, TER operatives found evidence of young women being trafficked in three different brothels.

Typically, our national teams conduct investigations, collect evidence for cases, and assist police with raids as they are needed. But our national director of India has built strong rapport and deep trust with authorities. In Operation TRIPLE-PLAY, he was given permission to lead in organizing and coordinating all three raids simultaneously.

In just twelve days of working on the case, these young women were found and freed. And their eleven traffickers are now in jail!

As we launch into 2021, we are deeply grateful for the way you make freedom a priority and empower rescue with your support.


*Names, image, and some details representational