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6 girls freed and 4 traffickers arrested!

By April 6, 2022December 28th, 2022No Comments
Portrait of a representative survivor from Operations Closure and Tuition

The Exodus Road’s ALPHA team in Thailand worked with law enforcement to stop the exploitation of 6 girls, arresting their traffickers in two separate operations.

In Operation Closure, a trafficking ring posted ambiguous job openings on Twitter. ALPHA team followed up on the suspicious activity and found that the posts were covers for traffickers who were offering minors for sexual services.
Partnering with law enforcement, operatives participated in a raid in which 4 girls, from 14- to 17-years-old, were removed from their traffickers.
The traffickers had used false job promises and deception to trap the girls into sex work. The girls were physically free, but psychologically controlled by the traffickers. Social workers from AAT (Alliance Anti-Traffic), an anti-trafficking NGO, were present to support these girls, and they have been placed in government aftercare.
Thai law enforcement arrested 3 traffickers, including higher-level traffickers. They believe these arrests will result in the permanent closure of this ring!
Law enforcement at the scene of the raid for Operation Closure
Law enforcement at the scene of the raid during Operation Closure

In Operation Tuition, AAT found a social media post saying, “Student is looking for tuition fee, if someone interesting please let us know.” They suspected this might be a cover for human trafficking, so they reached out to The Exodus Road’s ALPHA team for support in investigating.

ALPHA team gathered evidence that this was, indeed, a trafficker operating on social media. They worked with Thai law enforcement and AAT to plan a raid, in which one 15-year-old girl and one 16-year-old girl were removed from their traffickers.

The girls had been deceived by false job promises and trapped into sex work. Social workers from AAT were present to offer care and support, and the girls are now in a government aftercare home. One trafficker was arrested and faces 6 to 15 years in prison, if convicted.

Thank you for your support in the fight for freedom and justice for these girls!

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