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2019 was an incredible year. It was a year of great challenge, but it was also our year of largest rescue since inception. Together, we helped find and free survivors of human trafficking and made communities safer for the men, women, and children who live there. We’re especially thankful for our police partnerships, the NGOs who worked with us on a wide variety of cases of projects, and our donors who financially fueled progress throughout this year. Together, this TER community is bringing sons and daughters home and making human trafficking a more dangerous crime. Check out the 2019 progress below. 

2019 Impact Infographic-1


Thank you to all of our staff, friends, supporters, and community who continue to believe in a free world with us. If you’d like to make a special year-end gift to ensure that rescue work continues in 2020, you can donate here. All gifts will be matched through the end of the year.