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One boy and five girls, all of them just young children, were being abused and exploited by a boyfriend and girlfriend in a house in the Philippines. The perpetrators were streaming child sexual abuse to U.S. buyers, who paid a fee to watch online.

National law enforcement became aware of the illegal material, and they asked for The Exodus Road’s support in building a case. Our team found and collected information on the situation’s details, uncovering evidence that the children were likely physically abused to keep them compliant with the horrific exploitation.

When the house was raided, multiple law enforcement agencies were on site to collect digital evidence and ensure that the traffickers would be imprisoned and face charges. Our team’s focus was on the survivors, brave and precious kids in need of comfort. We provided them with soft pajamas with playful prints — a gentle nod to restoring their childhood. We made sure that they were safely transferred to government aftercare services.

Cases like this are a solemn reminder that trafficking doesn’t always look the way we’d expect. Buyers don’t even have to be in the same country as those they are victimizing. Your support allows our team in the Philippines to keep combating trafficking in all its forms, including the online exploitation of children.