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Operation Blue Bird

By August 30, 2020December 29th, 2022No Comments
Operation Bluebird

Another trafficker has been stopped because of you!

TER operatives in Thailand spotted tweets from a female trafficker advertising children for sex for 1,300 BAHT each (about $42 USD).

Our undercover investigations confirmed that both children and adults were being trafficked. Two adult females were rescued, and they were able to lead the police to the trafficker.

And the children? While they were not found during the police operation, TER operatives and authorities will not stop looking for them.  If traffickers suspect trouble with the law, it is not uncommon for them to hide children and not sell them. And that is why we are so grateful to you for sustaining this Search + Rescue work. Your giving means our operatives can continue to follow up on this case.

We believe every life enslaved is worth the investment of time, energy, and resources to bring rescue.

Today, two women are free. Their trafficker is facing justice and no longer selling children online.

Their stories will be different because of you. And soon, we hope, so will others.