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1 girl and 2 women freed in Latin America, a police officer and a trafficker arrested

By February 6, 2023September 11th, 2023No Comments
young Latin American woman wearing a mask

Alina,* a female police officer in an undisclosed country, had built a chillingly effective method of trafficking younger women for sex.

She herself was working as an escort on the side. Alina formed a connection with Helen,* a woman from Venezuela who was in the sex industry. Together, the two women started luring girls to their country from Venezuela with false job promises, forcing them to sell sex once they arrived. Meanwhile, Alina recruited fellow young police women into sex work.

Helen created a catalog filled with all of the young women and girls they were offering — those who were there by choice and those who were there through coercion and lies. Customers flipping through the pages couldn’t tell the difference. They were only there to purchase a product.

When government officials found out, they called on The Exodus Road’s investigators to help them gather evidence to dismantle Alina and Helen’s insidious empire.

It took six months of meticulous evidence gathering. Finally, an operation with law enforcement was successfully carried out. Alina and Helen were arrested, and two women and one teenage girl who they were trafficking were freed.

Complex cases like this only come to successful conclusions because of your support. Thank you for standing with these survivors!

*Names and images representative