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Operation Khun Kha

By October 11, 2020December 29th, 2022No Comments
Operation Khun Kha

Because of you, today a young Thai girl is free! Her abuse is over, and she can be a kid again.

Ireshi* was wearing Disney princess pajamas on her slight frame when they came for her, a glaring symbol of the innocence of childhood that was taken from her. She is only fourteen — and was routinely sold to men under the guise of providing massage at a parlor for the past three years. Yet she still looks like the child she is, only just beginning her journey of adolescence.

Her mother, the “chiropractor” in the parlor, arranged and scheduled the “special” services with her daughter for customers who had earned her trust. She groomed her children to keep it a secret, all the while, exploiting them.

Two months ago, Thai police reached out to TER operatives for help with investigations of a region that was suspected of selling children for sex behind the facade of massage parlors. Covert Investigative Operatives spent time frequenting this particular parlor for regular massage services, and spotted Ireshi. They learned that her older sixteen-year-old sister was no longer being sold, but they were able to collect evidence of Ireshi’s abusive situation.

During the raid, Ireshi, whose name means “Queen” in Thai, showed incredible bravery. She remained calm and even told those around her not to be afraid.

Her mother was arrested. Though likely driven to desperation by poverty, her choice to exploit her children will never be justified.

Ireshi was taken under the care of a social worker who told her, “Together we will bring you out of this cycle. And you will have a better life.”

A childhood reclaimed, a life renewed with hope of restoration, Ireshi is now living free. And because of your support, soon, so will others.

*a pseudonym