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Operation Promised

By November 30, 2020December 29th, 2022No Comments
Operation Promised

Celebrating the gift of freedom with you! Hansa and Saarya are free today in India.

Hansa, just 16, and Saarya, in her mid-twenties, were promised good job opportunities. But they were deceived.

They met each other at the brothel where they were forced to be sold each day. There was a language barrier — Hansa didn’t speak Hindi. But in such traumatic circumstances, even gestures and the look of pain mirrored in their eyes was connection enough.

The only thing that could be worse than what they endured every day was to be alone in this cruel place.

But they were not alone!

Our national operatives in India gathered trafficking intel on this particular hotel. Undercover operatives immediately began to investigate and identified Hansa as a minor, and Saarya as coerced. They collected all evidence needed for the arrests.

A raid was carefully planned by Indian authorities, and they descended on the hotel. Police found Hansa and Saarya and calmed them with assurances that they were now free.

Five traffickers were arrested, despite their threats of connections with people of political influence. Their methods of coercion were useless. They are now in jail.

Hansa and Saarya were taken to a safe house where they can begin to heal.

Your support empowered the national operatives to do thorough investigations, build a strong case against the traffickers, and equipped police to send rescue. And this means freedom today for Hansa and Saarya. Thank you!


*Names, image, and some details representational