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10 women freed in India, 4 traffickers arrested!

By May 11, 2023No Comments
a group of young Indian women smiling

Sati* thought she was going to be working at a reception desk at a hotel. She’d met an employment agent, Anup,* who told her about a job where she could make many more times what she’d be able to make in her town. Sati had never left home before, but she decided to take the job. She knew she’d miss home, but she’d be able to help pay for her sister to go to school.

When Sati arrived, she learned that the job wasn’t what she’d been led to believe. The hotel was actually a brothel. She’d be forced to serve many customers a day. The traffickers abused her in order to begin the process of control.

But law enforcement suspected the hotel, along with others connected to it, was more than it seemed. They reached out to The Exodus Road’s India team and asked for support with the investigation.

Through this partnership, Sati and 9 other young women were freed from multiple hotel-based brothels on the same night. They are now receiving care at a government safe home. Four traffickers were arrested, and they may face 7 to 10 years in jail.

Thank you for empowering our team to continue finding and freeing young women like Sati!

*Names representative; Sati’s story is based on composite experiences of women in this situation.