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In Stop The Traffik’s annual impact report, they highlighted The Exodus Road’s information sharing partnership with Traffik Analysis Hub. The feature follows The Exodus Road’s 2022 commendation during the first-annual Data to Disrupt Trafficking Awards.

The feature, which can be found on page 22 of the report, highlights the way that The Exodus Road’s investigative teams have been able to use Traffik Analysis Hub’s extensive database to better pinpoint trafficking hotspots. The Exodus Road has also contributed to the database, sharing information their teams have gathered through industry-leading investigative practices in Thailand, India, Latin America, The Philippines, and the United States.

“The Exodus Road joined Traffik Analysis Hub because it was the largest global repository of multiple sources of human trafficking data. As an organisation, we were interested in both contributing to and accessing data in a user-friendly tool,” said Andrew Hoskins, The Exodus Road’s Vice President of International Programs.

“We voluntarily modified our internal data collection tools to match Traffik Analysis Hub’s filter categories, but the process was fairly seamless. Traffik Analysis Hub worked to minimise manual data entry. The process was a win-win and even resulted in us improving our M&E [monitoring and evaluation] capacity.”

Stop The Traffik highlighted one of the most significant outcomes from this kind of detailed data: a case in Asia that led to the arrest of 5 traffickers and the recovery of 39 women who were being trafficked for sex. The case led to major disruption of a notorious red light district.

The Exodus Road stands behind collaboration as essential to combating human trafficking crime. You can learn more about Traffick Analysis Hub at