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8 Trustworthy Human Trafficking Nonprofits to Support

By February 11, 2022July 31st, 2023One Comment

Choose a human trafficking nonprofit whose mission speaks to you.

Wondering which human trafficking nonprofits to support? With so many organizations out there and each adopting a slightly different approach to fighting human trafficking, trying to choose one can seem like an impossible task.

Whether you’re most interested in helping prevent people from entering the cycle of human trafficking, intervening on behalf of people who are currently trapped, or providing support and care for survivors, read on to discover which human trafficking nonprofits are right for you.


1.    International Justice Mission is one of the largest organizations fighting human trafficking through policy change and training. IJM looks at the bigger picture, working to dismantle the system of human trafficking itself. In many contexts, police, judges, and officials are ill-equipped to enforce anti-human trafficking laws. IJM’s lawyers train local leaders and law enforcers to respond to this crime.

If enacting change through policy-making and training appeals to you, consider supporting IJM’s mission to put an end to modern-day slavery.

2.    Love Justice International helps intercept potential victims of human trafficking as they cross borders. By monitoring strategic transit points, LJI identifies trafficking networks to stop trafficking as it occurs. To date, they’ve intercepted over 25,000 individuals and helped authorities arrest over 1,000 suspects.

If you care about stopping human trafficking before vulnerable people are exploited, Love Justice International is a great choice.


3.    The Exodus Road is an expert in intervening to liberate individuals who are currently trapped in human trafficking. They train local operatives to identify victims of human trafficking, gather evidence to build effective cases for law enforcement, and support law enforcement in operations to free victims. They’ve helped free more than 1,500 women and children from sex trafficking and aided in the arrest of more than 800 traffickers.

If you are looking to support a human trafficking nonprofit where 100% of your support goes directly to teams working on the frontline to free victims of human trafficking, join Freedom Collective.


4.    Rapha International has campuses in Thailand, Cambodia, and Haiti, providing safe places for those healing from abuse and exploitation. Their staff of trained experts from the local community provide comprehensive, trauma-informed care to give survivors a chance to reclaim their lost childhood.

If you’re invested in caring for survivors of human trafficking, we recommend Rapha House!

5.    Free the Girls is another organization doing amazing work for survivors of human trafficking. They help survivors of human trafficking start their own businesses selling bras in local markets. A safe, sustainable form of employment enables these survivors to transition from oppression to leading a life of true freedom.

If you’d like to help survivors gain economic stability, check out Free the Girls.

Region-Specific Human Trafficking Nonprofits

Want to help organizations working in underdeveloped communities or in regions that you care about most? Here are three we recommend!

Prevention in the USA

6.    The Polaris Project is at the forefront of tackling the underlying system that perpetrates human-trafficking in the USA. Through its operation of the US national human trafficking hotline, The Polaris Project gathers key data on how trafficking operations work in the US and provides crisis response for trafficking tips.

Prevention and Intervention in Brazil

7.    Meninadança runs an intervention program for young, Brazilian girls who are forced to sell their bodies along Brazil’s “corridor of prostitution,” the BR-116 motorway. Their Pink Houses serve as safe, all-female environments where survivors can develop the relationships and confidence to live free of fear. Check out this podcast to hear Meninadança founder, Matt Roper, speak about how they use dance to get children off the streets!

Prevention and Aftercare in Cambodia

8.    Agape International Mission implements both prevention and aftercare programming in Cambodia. Cambodia is a central hub for human trafficking, with a history of child sex trafficking and 261,000 people currently living in conditions of modern slavery. Your support for AIM’s programs in Cambodia can have a major impact.

All of these trusted human trafficking nonprofits are doing amazing work in the global fight to end human trafficking. Everyone has a role to play in freedom, and it’s the support of you, the ordinary heroes, that can change the lives of so many at-risk men, women, and children.

Whichever human trafficking nonprofit you choose, your support will make a significant difference!

Learn more about becoming a partner with The Exodus Road to help free women and children trapped in sex trafficking.

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