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Read breaking human trafficking news from the frontlines of The Exodus Road’s fight against modern-day slavery. These sex trafficking and labor trafficking stories include successful investigations leading to the arrest of traffickers and freedom for the survivors who were exploited. You’ll also find stories about ways The Exodus Road is providing human trafficking survivors with trauma-informed aftercare as they walk into freedom.

Where does this news come from?

There are 50 million people trapped in modern-day slavery right now. But there are also governmental agencies, nonprofits, and dedicated activists and volunteers who are dedicated to freeing those caught in the snare of human trafficking.

At The Exodus Road, our global staff are experts in investigating human trafficking. They deliver evidence to law enforcement partners in order to arrest traffickers and free survivors. We also come alongside survivors with trauma-informed aftercare. Through TraffickWatch Academy, we’re training law enforcement and everyday citizens in recognizing and combating trafficking. We are at the forefront of fighting human trafficking in six countries, including Thailand, India, Latin America, Brazil, the Philippines, and the United States.

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